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The First English Speaking Contest for Young Staff Members was Held

May 31, 2018

On May 18th the First English Speaking Contest for Young Staff members was held jointly by International Exchange Center and School of International Education.

Themed on Those Wonderful Stories of International Exchange and Cooperation of HUST, 10 contestants told their own stories on the international exchanges in HUST in accordance to their own work.

The contest is consist of two parts. The first part is a five-minute topic speech and the second is a two-minute question and answer session.

Miss Yan Wei, the top prize winner from School of International Education, told a story about a Sri Lankan father and his son. When the father, Mr. Dharama, was studying in HUST several years ago, his son Jr. Dharama was the first international student of the attached primary school of HUST. Then both of them backed to their motherland after the father got his doctoral degree. But years later, the son Jr. Dharama chose to study in HUST again. This time he was a college student of HUST himself. It is his sweet memory of his childhood on the HUST campus and his love to Chinese culture guild him back here again.


Xu Jiasi, one of the two first prize winner, is a teacher from Foreign Chinese Teaching Center. She contributed a story about an Iraqi Student, Hussein,  who came to HUST after overcoming mountains of difficulties. She wanted to tell us that where there is a will ,there is a way. Everyone, with confidence, has a power to make his dream come true.

Wan Tian, the other first prize winner from International Exchange Center, told us how to make good use of intercollegiate visit to expand the international influence of HUST.

Peng Yumeng shared her thoughts on how to deepen international cooperation following the principle “think globally, act locally;” Lan Hanghang introduced the famous educator Mr. Zhu Jiusi's educational thoughts and its profound influence; Cui Mei told the moving story of Prof. Cui Kun, an academician who devoted his whole life to steel materials; Chang Bo deliverd a speech on how sports activities in HUST contribute to international exchanges. Dai Shuqiong showed the well-known University of California Berkeley from the perspective of students in HUST; Xue Jiajia addressed HUST’s participation in Chinese foreign aid projects; Zhao Jie introduced HUST’s charm from her own view. The high spirits and brilliant speeches won big rounds of applause from audiences.

This contest not only helps the Younger Members of Faculty from the School of International Education and International Exchange Center to have a deep understanding of their own work, but also inspires everyone to expand their outlook and innovate their skills, so as to embark on a new journey to actively establish HUST to be a world – class university with Chinese characteristics.

In his opening speech, Professor Chen Jianguo, the vice President of HUST, pointed out that with the fast development of HUST, we will have more and more international cooperation. How to tell and share our stories with our international partners is a challenge to us. The contest would inspire the young members to keep a life-long study to promote themselves, which also do benefit to HUST development.

Correspondent: Zhao Jie; Photographer: Chen Jin; Translator: Lu Hao

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