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HUST Sign Agreement with Birmingham University

March 23, 2016

On the morning of March 15th, Chen Jianguo, HUST Vice President for International Affairs and Prof. Jonathan Frampton, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Director of the China Institute of the University of Birmingham, jointly signed a bilateral agreement to further the collaboration on teaching and research while exploring new research areas of common strength and interest.

Professor Chen Jianguo spoke highly of the achievement in the bilateral cooperation over the last decade. He also pointed out that the current cooperation could be expanded in research and other related fields. Chen suggested that as the very foundation for a solid and lasting partnership, both parties need to work for a favorable condition to promote substantial collaboration for researchers and faculty members. Chen also proposed to build a closer core-partnership through some creative collaboration programs like the “college day”.

Prof. Jonathan Frampton indicated that the two universities have already worked well on joint teaching programs and summer school programs and, the new agreement will open a new world of collaboration in research and teaching. He expected that both sides to extend the current cooperation into fields like Mathematics, Environmental Science, Nursing and Chemistry etc.

Prof. Zhang Zhibin, Deputy Director of China Institute of the University of Birmingham and representatives from the International Exchange Center, School of International Education, Research and Development office, School of Basic Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Physics, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of HUST attended the event.

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