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[Focus on CWG] Alumni's black technologies boost cool opening ceremony

October 23, 2019

News.hust.edu.cn - On the night of October 18, the opening ceremony of the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG) took place at Zhuankou Stadium, attracting worldwide attention to Wuhan. The soul-stirring and breathtaking ceremony amazed the world. The cool screen at the opening ceremony was powered by the black technology from an alumnus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

Li Jun, an alumnus of HUST and director of the production team for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 7th CWG, graduated in logistics management from the Department of Management Engineering, HUST and is currently Chairman of Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (Leyard).


The opening ceremony of the 7th CWG made full use of the limited space to accomplish the multi-dimensional extension of the stage and interaction with multimedia image through high technology, present multi-dimensional effects visually, and stage a panoramic and 3D show, said Li.

He told that the opening ceremony also featured a domestic original and the world's largest all-3D stage. The stage extensively used projection technology for the first time in combination with light effects and LED technology. It concisely, elegantly and vividly presented the connotation of Oriental civilization and vitality of contemporary China through colorful light, the free style of Chinese aesthetics and the expressive form of contemporary art, created magnificent epics and offered the audience an immersive experience.




The opening ceremony is a deep combination of culture with technology, as well as a perfect integration of technology with a large stage, he added. As the chief producer of the opening ceremony, Leyard not only made the most of projection, display, light and other technologies, but also fielded a strong support team to provide all-round all-day life and creation services.

The company of Jiang Huajing, another alumnus of HUST, is responsible for low altitude security in the core area of CWG. He graduated from the Department of Electronic Information and Communications, HUST and founded Shanghai Terjin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Terjin).





                                                                Shanghai Terjin's drone detection and counter equipment

Competition level is tested inside and preparations are tested outside, said Jiang. Preparation schedules are tight. Shanghai Terjin bears heavy responsibility for low altitude security in the core area of CWG. Based on its independently developed TDOA drone detection and counter system, with rich practical experience, it has provided low altitude defense support for a series of major events such as the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, International Life Science Summer Summit (Beidaihe), CCTV Spring Festival Gala, G20 Hangzhou Summit, World Internet Conference and World Expo.

With the functions of "distance early warning, accurate positioning, full course tracking, automatic interception, efficient control and all-time guard", TDOA grid drone detection and counter equipment independently developed by Shanghai Terjin has leading identification and positioning capabilities and reliability in the industry. It has been included in the procurement catalogue of the Police Equipment Procurement Center of the Ministry of Public Security.

(Some data are from the Alumni Board and the photos are from the Internet.)


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